Sales Manager – Impact Carbon

Position: Sales Manager

Location: Kampala, Uganda
About Us:
Impact Carbon’s mission is to improve health and the environment in developing countries through clean energy 
projects that reduce carbon emissions. Impact Carbon generates carbon emission reductions from household
energy projects that improve living conditions in the less‐developed communities we serve. We leverage the
financial returns from these projects to benefit local partners and people.
Typical Impact Carbon projects involve scaling the sales and distribution of efficient appliances such as healthy 
cookstoves and water treatment devices. Impact Carbon works with investors, project developers,
philanthropists and NGOs to quantify the carbon emissions reduced by our projects and to verify them to
rigorous carbon standards.
Impact Carbon is headquartered in San Francisco, California with an office in Kampala, Uganda. This position is 
based in Kampala. 
Impact Carbon is seeking a Sales Manager to establish and grow a sales team to sell high efficiency cookstoves, 
water purifiers, and other household energy products in Uganda. This will be a highly entrepreneurial position 
that will require both sales and management experience by an individual that is passionate about increasing the 
access of healthy and environmentally friendly products across Uganda. The Sales Manager will oversee setting 
up and staffing a sales team and will report directly to the Uganda Country Manager. Key responsibilities will 
• Develop and execute a countrywide sales strategy to increase access to improved cookstoves and water 
purifiers through direct sales, retail distributors, and partnerships with SACCOs and other NGOs.
• Execute surveying, data collection, and market analysis tasks to determine product preferences and 
proper geographically targeting for pilot sales programs
• Hire and manage a dynamic sales team that can successfully test, pilot, and sell a variety of household 
energy products
• Work the Uganda Country Manager to develop a marketing and branding strategy to increase 
consumer knowledge and uptake of products
• Manage the financial, operational, and logistical components of selling consumer goods, including 
stringent documentation for carbon financial reporting 
Job Responsibilities:
• Develop and execute a sales strategy targeting individual consumers, retail distributors, and other 
strategic partners. Initial sales will target charcoal using consumers in urban and peri‐urban areas for 
stove sales and a broad market for water purification devices. 
 Assess the potential market for clean energy products and develop a pilot sales plan to test 
different sales strategies and price points. Once the pilot is complete, create a long‐term, 
sustainable sales approach
 Complete a market study to locate and target potential consumers and distributors that are 
either a) not aware of our products or b) do not have access to easily purchase them
 Coordinate with current manufacturing partners and strategic partners to expand product 
coverage and limit overlap 
 Develop a plan to engage SACCOs, NGOs, and other strategic partners that have capacity to 
retail stoves at a large scale
• Hire and manage a highly adaptable sales team that can successfully test and pilot new products, 
generate regular month sales, as well as leverage special events and marketing opportunities to sell 
products at high volumes.
 Recruit, interview and hire highly ambitious and talented sales team members 
 Develop and conduct an ongoing training programs that provide a high level of product 
knowledge and continuing business skills development
 Help create a schedule and compensation structure that actively motivates sales team 
members and generates a high level of sales efficiency 
• Work the Uganda Country Manager to develop a marketing and branding strategy to increase 
consumer knowledge and uptake of products
 Utilize and build upon institutional knowledge of stove sales and create a marketing strategy 
for products
 Leverage current marketing partnerships with local and international NGOs to coordinate 
marketing campaigns and hold sales events
 Use focus groups and consumer research to develop new and innovative marketing messages 
 Establish system for collecting market research data to build organizational consumer 
marketing knowledge
• Manage the financial, operational, and logistical components of selling consumer goods, including 
stringent documentation for carbon finance reporting
 Develop a financial accounting system that efficiently captures costs and sales revenue and 
allows for rigorous accountability
 Manage product supply chain details and make logistical arrangements for sales trips and 
marketing events
 Liaise with the Business Development Team and oversee operational tasks including: product 
storage, transportation, and importation of goods. Ensure proper and thorough 
documentation for carbon finance reporting, such as excellent sales records, complete receipts 
and customer warranty cards
Qualifications and Experience:
• Degree in business (marketing, accounting, finance) or economics
• 3‐5+ years of sales experience with a minimum of 1 year as the manager of a sales team; experience 
designing and leading training programs a plus
• Fluency in both written and spoken English
• Strong business and sales experience with excellent quantitative and analytical skills
• History of managing new and growing programs
• Familiarity with designing and conducting consumer research or market analysis programs or a 
background in social science research preferred
• Experience selling cookstoves, water purification devices, or other household energy goods preferred
Desired Skills:
• Excellent time management skills, ability to effectively multitask, and the capacity to meet tight 
• Highly ambitious, sales oriented individual who can take initiative on new projects and demonstrate 
strong leadership skills 
• Strong ability to design, manage, and execute a stringent budget
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Extremely high level of accountability with cash management and inventory
• High level of creativity and the desire to develop new, innovative programs
• Passion for Impact Carbon’s programs and mission, including international health, environmental 
protection, and poverty alleviation 
• Superior computer and technology skills with a high level of competence with Microsoft Excel; 
experience with QuickBooks a plus
Dependent upon experience; will include both salary and performance‐based components.
How to Apply:
Please email a one page cover letter, resume, and writing sample that demonstrates your English writing 
capabilities (technical writing sample preferred) to Use the subject “Sales 
Manager” in all e‐mail correspondence. No phone calls or posted mail applications, please.  Applications will be
accepted until the position is filled and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Impact Carbon is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All persons regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, 
ancestry, sex, marital status, disability, religious or political affiliation, age or sexual orientation shall have equal
access to positions, limited only by their ability to do the job.

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