Lead the growth of a highly dedicated and successful team working at the intersection of climate change science, mass media, online data visualization and public service. The Director of Climate Central’s Program on Sea Level Rise will advance the program’s strategic direction and engineer its growth under the overall leadership and reporting to the Vice President for Sea Level and Climate Impacts. Major program activities will include serial strategic communications initiatives; expansion of a government and NGO stakeholder program; development of an earned revenue stream; and taking the program onto the global stage through international work.
  • Work closely with VP for Sea Level and Climate Impacts to develop and advance program strategic direction
  • Manage all aspects of sea level rise program operations, including budget, staffing, and team management and development
  • Lead implementation of domestic program to achieve major U.S. media coverage and spur use of the program’s analysis and tools by local, state and federal governments
  • Manage development of a new global sea level program achieving significant international media coverage and stakeholder use of Climate Central analysis and tools
  • Lead new effort to develop major earned revenue stream leveraging the program’s analytic capabilities and supporting further growth
  • Lead transformation of into a true micro-site to improve branding, user experience and traffic, and provide flexible platform for program growth
  • Interact with other Climate Central directors and support organization-wide integration
  • Other duties as assigned
  • MBA, MPA or equivalent education/experience
  • Significant leadership and management experience (10+ yrs), demonstrating effectiveness and growth in authority and responsibility over time, including senior level responsibility for operations and strategic planning in successful organizations/units
  • Experience with design and implementation of successful strategic communications campaigns (online and offline components) and websites
  • Experience managing organizational growth
  • Successful track record juggling numerous and multi-disciplinary projects and priorities
  • Strong interpersonal skills; enjoy working as a team
  • Approachability and openness to input from all levels of staff
  • Intellectual curiosity and track record of fast learning
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Degree and/or experience in science and quantitative data analysis
  • Passion for the mission of Climate Central
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