Senior Carbon Finance Specialist

The World Bank’s Carbon Finance Unit (ENVCF), in the Environment Department of the Sustainable Development Vice Presidency, manages 10 carbon funds and facilities, with participation from 16 governments and 66 private sector companies and a total capital value of about US$2.3 billion.  Through these market-based instruments, the World Bank is helping to address climate change and support the poverty reduction and sustainable development priorities of our client countries.  With the establishment of two newest carbon facilities – the Carbon Partnership Facility (CPF) and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) –  the Carbon Finance Unit is moving to a new phase of the Bank’s carbon finance business, reflecting the Bank’s focus on scaling up its work on climate change mitigation and pursuing its role in deepening and broadening the carbon market. 

The work of the CPF is being undertaken by an interdisciplinary team located within ENVCF, but will rely extensively on working with the World Bank’s Regional Vice Presidencies and sector and country units as well as their cross-support for its implementation.

•Ã‚ Â Â   Work closely with the ENVCF Policy and Methodology team to ensure that carbon finance components of the programs undertaken by the Facility meet the international regulatory requirements and eligibility criteria as per the UNFCCC/Kyoto Protocol, and as appropriate, the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and other regulatory regimes;  manage external consultants responsible for preparing project documentation for the purpose of international project registration (Project Design Document) and/or for development of new baseline and monitoring methodologies for carbon finance projects.

•Ã‚ Â Â  Manage the negotiation of ERPAs for CPF Programs.

•Ã‚ Â Â  Participate and contribute to the overall management and development of the CPF, including on the partnership governance structure, business planning, budgeting, and opening and structuring of potential new tranches of the CPF Carbon Fund.

•Ã‚ Â Â  Implement pricing policy, risk assessment tools, and other operational policies designed to ensure that the agreed targets of the carbon fund in terms of volume, delivery, risk management, timeliness and project diversity will be met.

•Ã‚ Â Â  Work closely together with Task Team Leaders (TTLs) in World Bank regional departments to ensure that the CPF carbon finance programs meet World Bank environmental and social safeguards and are in full compliance with relevant Bank policies and procedures.

A second key function of the selected staff will be to act as a Deal Manager for specific  CPF carbon finance programs.  The selected person, who is required to have strong technical knowledge of carbon finance, will be expected to:

•Ã‚ Â Â  Take responsibility for origination, development, management and supervision of a number of significant carbon finance transactions using programmatic CDM or JI, in various sectors including energy, oil and gas, industry, waste, and transport.

•Ã‚ Â Â  Prepare and negotiate with project sponsors relevant carbon finance contractual documents, such as letters of intent (LoI) and ERPAs, together with the legal counsel in LEGCF.

•Ã‚ Â Â  Design, deliver and participate in training and knowledge dissemination activities in carbon finance for carbon fund participants, World Bank staff, and other stakeholders.

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