Senior CDM Project Manager, EcoSecurities

Job Title: Senior Project Manager
Reports To: Implementation Principal PM
Date: July 2011

Maximize the delivery of CERs from CDM projects via technical support and technical review. Assist in coordination activities between head office and local offices. Capacity building.


  • Provide technical review services to EcoSecurities CDM projects to ensure project documentation has the best possible chance of passing through the CDM process. This will involve reviewing and signing off monitoring reports, validation reports, verification reports, emissions reduction calculations and some PDDs prior to submission to the UNFCCC. This also includes conducting completeness checks for documentation prior to submission.
  • Provide technical support to CDM projects/local offices to identify and solve technical or CDM related problems.
  • Assist with the preparation and review of documents required to modify the project set up/monitoring plan, clarify problems or deviate from CDM rules.
  • Support local offices with DOE interaction to ensure the rapid progression of validations/verifications without presenting risks to the projects.
  • Assist with capacity building of local and head office staff in technical areas and CDM.
  • Conduct analysis as required (e.g. analyse impact of rules changes on our pre-2012 portfolio)
  • Ensure that the internal controls of the organisation are being followed (e.g. internal audit).
  • Assist with ensuring that the team is kept up to date with UNFCCC developments relevant to our portfolio.
  • Interact with other teams in the organisation in providing project updates.
  • Staff management
  • Assist with the development/upkeep of internal tools/systems


The ability to interact effectively with others, overcome barriers to gain understanding whilst portraying a professional image. Creating a positive image.

Problem Solving/Judgment
Identifying key issues from relevant information, weighing up alternative courses of action, making a decision, addressing/solving a problem and taking action.

Teamworking/Leadership/Group Dynamics
Demonstrating understanding of how own role fits with the business as a whole. Working effectively with team/work group/internal customers to accomplish organisational goals and to identify and resolve business issues

Technical/Professional Knowledge and Experience
Demonstrating a satisfactory level of technical and professional skills/knowledge in job-related areas.

Effectively planning and organizing both self and others to accomplish specific goals.

Achievement Drive
Making active attempts to achieve goals, being self-motivated and taking action to ensure objectives are met or exceeded.


  • Masters degree or higher in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Economics, Environmental Management, or Engineering or Finance related to energy and climate change or a closely-related field;
  • Suitable candidates shall have extensive experience in the field of engineering, energy, environment or greenhouse gas;
  • Experience with carbon project development, implementation and management;
  • Candidates will have experience of working with measurement equipment, data and records;
  • Knowledge of working with ISO type systems (9000 and 14000 series) is a strong advantage;
  • Working knowledge in Microsoft Office specially Microsoft Excel;
  • Fluency in English.

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