Senior Consultant, Ecosecurities


To drive the management of profitable projects within the Consulting team, conduct and support business development activities and contribute to strategic direction of the consulting team. The focus will be on forestry, land use and agriculture.


  • Manage and develop new, profitable revenue-generating projects across subject areas that encompass mitigation project evaluation and development, including carbon sequestration/emissions reduction potential assessments, GHG management and climate strategies, domestic and international climate change policies and measures, market and policy analysis and forecasting, emissions trading, and other climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives such as capacity building measures and sector and portfolio screens or adaptation related projects.
  • Drive projects from identifying client’s needs to successful delivery of revenue generating solutions.
  • Conduct client driven research and analysis, assessing strategic options for Ecosecurities Consulting clients, drafting, revising and finalizing work products
  • Carry out research on climate policy development and carbon markets and assist in preparing reports, analyses and company publications and presentations
  • Represent Ecosecurities at conferences and design and deliver presentations as appropriate.
  • Identify policy and analytical opportunities and prepare research and proposals.
  • Undertake analysis in policy, legal and regulatory areas and procedures.
  • Be accountable for revenue stream generated from the sale of new and recently developed projects to achieve an agreed portfolio revenue target.
  • Manage priorities effectively so that the appropriate amount of time and resource, within the Consulting Group, is placed against the most profitable and business-critical projects
  • Manage project time and costs effectively. 


  • An advanced degree (or equivalent experience) in forestry, natural resources management, agricultural or environmental science.
  • Several years experience in climate change, forestry and land use and related projects and policy and regulatory developments and one or more of the following fields: GHG market developments and management, climate change policy and strategies, mitigation/adaptation or emissions trading.
  • Several years experience in project management, along with the ability to manage multiple projects in a fast paced environment, and in marketing, project development, business development and management essential.
  • Strong analytical/ quantitative skills along with superior research and writing skills
  • Demonstrated ability to assume initiative, work independently and work as part of an international project team
  • Excellent organisational and planning skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Advanced computer literacy (incl. excel skills)
  • Language skills: fluency in English as well as Spanish

Domestic and international travel required for this position


Core Competencies

  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • Analytical ability
  • Relationship building

Additional Competencies Required

  • Organisational & Prioritisation
  • Value added selling
  • Leadership skills
  • Initiative



Part of the Consulting team at EcoSecurities with offices or staff in several places around the world, including internal and external associate consultants. Staff in all offices needs to communicate and work effectively with staff in other offices, including from other divisions and in very different time zones. Consultants may report to line managers in another office.