Senior Manager Global Sustainability – ECNL

The Global Sustainability group:
This group focuses on international energy issues. The group carries out projects in the field of international climate policy, policy aimed at enhancing renewable energy and energy saving in developing countries, issues in energy and development and global energy developments. Knowledge of the operation of policy instruments, financing, international relations, economic considerations and technology are integrated. Some of these projects require employees in the group to stay abroad for longer periods of time. The group is located in the ECN office in Amsterdam.
  • As the Senior Manager Global Sustainability, you are responsible for managing the day to day business in the group, and the financial management and programme management.
  • You are accountable for the realisation of the established objectives and the policy.
  • You draw up the operational and financial plans and monitor and enhance the quality, quantity and timely completion of the (production) process.
  • You supervise the projects in the unit team and carry responsibility for the quality and research in the group.
  • You draw up the research programme together with the senior managers and the Unit Programme Developer, and in acquisitions you collaborate with the quotation leaders in your team and with Business Development.
  • You have obtained a degree at an academic level.
  • You are a strong people manager and have international experience.
  • You are passionate about and broadly experienced in energy issues in developing countries and in international climate policy and you have an extensive network in these areas.
  • As a professional, you have affinity with policy and strategy development.
  • You have strong analytical skills and you are used to planning, delegating and monitoring.
  • You are used to working with fellow professionals and are able to bring out the best in them.
  • You create space for personal development without losing sight of the intended results.

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