Senior Technical Consultant, Environmental Services and Climate Change Analyses

The Senior Technical Consultant will work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Project Management

EAS will implement and manage activities in regards to establishing the EPCC. The Steering Committee, composing of representatives from the EAS, the Climate Science Centre and HoA-REC&N will lead the key management decisions.

Main purpose of the role

The Senior Technical Consultant will be responsible for the effective and efficient establishment and implementation of the EPCC’s governing and technical bodies, including the three technical working groups as well as an additional and Gender and Poverty Reduction cross-sectorial working group. Furthermore, the Senior Technical Consultant will establish the Technical Support Units that will provide scientific, technical and organisational support to their respective Working Groups.

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain a coherent strategy that contributes to the overall shared vision of the EPCC’s objectives and their roles and responsibilities.
  • Prepare working procedures, governance, and framework for the EPCC in accordance with the project proposal and IPCC procedures.
  • Develop the Terms of Reference that will detail the roles and responsibilities of each body within the EPCC.
  • Prepare manuals and procedures on management and strategic issues.
  • Collaborate with aled of EPCC activities and held accountable as appropriate.
  • Oversee the recruitment of members for the EPCC bodies.


  • MA/MSc in Climate Science and/or related sciences.
  • Significant experience working within the IPCC and an intimate understanding of structure, policies, and procedures.
  • Strong understanding of the business climate in Ethiopia and ability to draw on private and public sector stakeholders to achieve the goals of the project.
  • Proven ability to build consensus and develop partnerships to implement projects collectively by collaborating organizations and individuals including government, donors, civil society, private sector and NGOs.
  • Significant experience in institutional leadership.
  • Experience in scientific and project report writing.
  • Experience of coordination of implementing partners and stakeholders in delivery of project objectives.


  • Excellent competency in both technical and managerial aspects of environmental program implementation.
  • Ability to identify and analyse opportunities that contribute to strategic aims, and translate them into practical plans and action.
  • Proven ability to work under pressure and to use limited resources effectively, conducting risk analysis and applying contingency measures to adjust plans and resources effectively.
  • Able to establish and maintain effective working relationships in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic work environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
  • Aptitude to incorporate gender perspectives into substantive work and commitment to the goal of achievil EPCC bodies to ensure synergise advocacy, establishment and implementation efforts.
  • Strengthen institutional capacity of all relevant stakeholders.
  • Organise and/or undertake needs assessments when required.
  • Develop and maintain productive working relationships with domestic and international stakeholders (ie: IPCC, EPA, UN, AU, academia, etc.).
  • Facilitate strategic planning, implementation guidance, and provide technical assistance.
  • Establish systems and standards for assessment and monitoring/evaluation of institute activities.
  • Oversee activities in regards to conferences, workshops, consultations and other activities as necessary.
  • Oversee external communications in collaboration with the Communications Team.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are kept informng gender balance in staffing.
  • Strong communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Fluent in English, working knowledge of Amharic is an advantage.

To apply for this position

 Pleasesendyour document with CV,coverletter,and threereferencesHoA-REC&N Headquarter Office, Addis Ababa University, College of Natural Sciences, Graduate Programme Building,9th floor, Office No. 903, tel. 251- 116550226, by email:, or via P.O.Box 773 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on or before  December 15, 2013.

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