Short-Term Consultant, BioCarbon Fund – The World Bank


The BioCarbon Fund (BioCF) is the World Bank administered fund dedicated to forestry and agriculture projects. BioCF projects are designed to sequester carbon in above- and below-ground biomass and soils, ameliorate local environmental conditions and improve rural livelihoods. The BioCF is a pioneer in its field. To-date, the focus has been to generate emission reductions from afforestation/reforestation and agriculture pilots, as well as reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. The work has led to a valuable body of experience that informed the carbon markets on land use issues and is paving the way for an integrated landscape approach to carbon accounting, measured either though carbon offsets, or associated proxies. Tranches 1 and 2 are closed to projects and new funds, but Tranche 3 has been launched which will focus on scaled up integrated activities, with results-based payments.  
CPFCF is seeking a highly-motivated, well-organized individual to serve as a Short-Term Consultant for the Fund Management team and to support the two Fund Managers in charge of the BioCarbon Fund Tranches 1-2 and Tranche 3and BioCFplus. 
The incumbent will report to the Manager, Carbon Finance Unit, and work under the day-to-day supervision of the Fund Managers for the funds mentioned above. S/he will perform the following duties:
  • Assist the Fund Managers in coordinating the work of the various teams involved in delivering the funds’ work program (Policy and Methodology Team and Operations Team);
  • Coordinating inputs from these teams as needed, prepare annual and other progress reports to Fund Participants for the current fiscal year;
  • Assist in preparing the long-term financial plan for each fund, in coordination with the Fund Managers and CPFCF’s Resource Management team;
  • Provide data, analysis and other inputs necessary to CPFCF senior management and senior management of CPF and SDN.
  • Monitor the funds’ portfolios, including milestones, project risk, and expected delivery of emission reduction quantities; this will include regular consultations with members of the Operations Teams as well as regional Task Team Leaders on the progress of individual projects and the portfolio as a whole;
  • Execute monthly updates of the Carbon Finance Unit Information Management System (CFUIMS), the unit’s main operational database and forecasting tool, based on information provided by members of the Operations Team;
  • Provide analysis and other input necessary to monitor progress toward achieving the Funds’ business plan targets, including updates to meet those targets;
  • Assist in the analysis of the Fund’s portfolio as required.
  • Fiduciary and administrative support
  • Become familiar with the relevant Fund Agreements and Amendments;
  • Monitor Fund expenses and work with the Fund Managers and Resource Management Team to help review expenses charged to fund administrative and project codes;
  • Assist, as needed, the back office/financial operations team in obtaining documentation required to facilitate the transfer of assets to Fund Participants;
  • Monitor delivery of monitoring reports, verification reports and issuance of emission reductions. Work with the back office/financial operations team to ensure that assets are properly tracked and recorded in CFUIMS and the ERPA Management System (EMS);
  • Assist the BioCF team in the processing of contracts for operational and other activities.  
  • Provide support to the Fund Managers for the planning and organization of meetings of Fund Participants, including preparation of power point presentations and quantitative portfolio updates, and take any follow-up action as appropriate;
  • Ensure proper documentation is sent to Participants within specified time lines;
  • Respond to queries from Participants, providing Participants with information and liaising otherwise with Participants as appropriate.
  • Provide support to the Fund Managers for the planning and organization of meetings that promote land use issues, including meetings with international stakeholders, by assisting with overall preparation of the meeting, logistics, documentation, etc. 
  • Master’s degree in business, environment, economics, international relations or other relevant discipline; or Bachelor’s degree plus 2 or more years of relevant experience;
  • Good understanding of the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism; some familiarity with concepts and ideas for New Market Mechanisms would be a plus;
  • Some experience in carbon finance desirable. Familiarity with the World Bank carbon funds would be an asset;
  • Experience in land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) and/or agriculture, forestry and other land (AFOLU) use is preferred;
  • Very strong Excel and modeling skills;
  • Strong power point skills; 
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Excellent communications skills, both oral and written (English is the working language);
  • Very good inter-personal skills and ability to easily interact with people of different backgrounds, inside and outside the Bank;
  • Self-starter with ability to work independently; and,
  • Very strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple tasks at the same time under tight deadlines.

A cover letter and resume must be sent to Mirko Serkovic by Friday, April 26. 

Read more about the position here.