Summer Fellow – Conservation International


The natural coastal ecosystems of seagrasses, tidal salt marshes, and mangroves sequester and store large quantities of “blue” carbon in both the plants and in the sediment below them. These ecosystems are being degraded and destroyed at a rapid pace along the world’s coastlines, resulting in globally significant emissions of carbon dioxide into the ocean and atmosphere and contributing to climate change.
The International Blue Carbon Initiative is the first integrated program focused on mitigating climate change by conserving and restoring coastal marine ecosystems globally. The Initiative is led by Conservation International (CI), the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO. The Initiative works with partners from national governments, research institutions, NGOs, coastal communities, intergovernmental and international bodies and other relevant stakeholders.
There is a need to consolidate the growing information and key leaders and projects that exist on blue carbon and within the Initiative. The most effective way to accommodate this growth is to develop a website that provides a professional platform for fostering international understanding and exchange of blue carbon knowledge and projects supported by the Initiative.

The Summer Fellow will support this effort in a number of ways:

  • Fellow will coordinate a comprehensive list of scientific leaders in the field of blue carbon;
  • With this network in hand, Fellow will support the development of an online platform, such as a blog or other online App, for information sharing among existing leaders in the field of blue carbon science that will link closely with the Blue Carbon Initiative’s website, currently in development; and
  • Fellow will research academic papers and grey literature to develop a comprehensive overview of existing blue carbon field projects. Project will culminate in a presentation of findings.  
  • Fellow is expected to work a total of eight (8) weeks in the summer months of 2012.
  • Assisted in drafting comprehensive content, including science, for Blue Carbon Initiative website with appropriate references;
  • Completed a network list of blue carbon scientists and leaders around the world;
  • Used this network and existing content on blue carbon to develop a social online networking platform;
  • Completed a thorough report on existing blue carbon field 
Read more about the position here.