Sustainable Business Solutions Manager – PwC

Job Description
Sustainability and Climate Change has moved solidly onto the CEO/C-suite agenda and governing bodies, including the current administration, creating the opportunity to link it with core business strategy through cost reduction, revenue enhancement and preparing for compliance with new regulations. In many industries, risks and opportunities associated with climate change and other environmental and social issues are significant and, in some cases, material. A systematic approach to identifying and analyzing risks and opportunities, developing strategies to capture the associated value, and implementing those strategies with good business processes can create measurable financial value. PwC is uniquely positioned to take advantage due to its extensive global cross Line of Service network and deep subject matter knowledge in key sustainable business solution areas.
Service offerings include:
-Sustainability & Climate Change strategy: Building consensus and embedding a carbon/sustainability strategy into the organization; conducting and providing results on gap analyses–strategy and standard industry practices–assessing risks related to climate change, measuring emissions and managing carbon in the business
-Reporting: environmental footprint assessments, reporting guidance, technology consulting services
-Performance improvement and/or managing carbon in the supply chain: Risk assessment tools; due diligence guides; carbon footprinting and mitigation; lifecycle analysis; supply chain; stakeholder engagement; and/or the maximization of benefits in the supply chain around carbon reduction, integrating cost reduction and carbon goals 
Position/Program Requirements
Knowledge Preferred:
Demonstrated intimate level of understanding and direct experience managing projects and engagements in a professional business services environment related to sustainability and/or climate change, governance, risk and compliance, consulting strategy and/or information systems, which includes the following:
-Project leadership and management of multiple large/complex engagements, including assisting in the management of projects from pre-sale and initial scoping through final delivery and signoff;
-Proven intimate knowledge of budgeting and forecasting on large engagements;
-Extensive creative problem-solving ability and a consistent consultancy mindset while working on, as well as proven intimate knowledge of researching problems and/or issues and developing and offering effective solutions for, business issues related to sustainability and climate change; and,
-Utilization of written and verbal business communication skills when interacting with clients and firm staff and/or management in a professional services business environment, including writing and presenting journal articles, practice methodologies, and/or whitepapers
Demonstrated experience and willingness to travel extensively for business-related engagements, up to 100%
Obtained Graduate Degree
Skills Preferred:
Min Year Exp: 5 years of consulting experience with relevant industry and sustainability/climate change experience (with focus areas in strategy, sustainable supply chain, and reporting) or parallel focus areas such as governance risk and compliance, consulting strategy, supply chain and/or information systems

Min Degree(s) and Certifications: Obtained Bachelor of Arts and/or Bachelor of Science Degree(s) 

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