Technical Advisory Committee Member

The TAC is an independent technical body of experts for The Gold Standard Foundation. It provides in a transparent, credible and timely manner expert advice and strategic input to The Gold Standard in order to ensure credibility, environmental integrity and a positive impact on sustainable development for Gold Standard project activities. The TAC oversees project registration/credit issuance procedures, approves methodologies and supports the continuous improvement and adaptation of The Gold Standard rules and procedures to market and stakeholder demands in both the Compliance and Voluntary Markets. The TAC is also the body in charge of operationalising any future scope expansions of The Gold Standard based on previous ‘in principal’ Board approval.


•Ã‚ Â Â  Strategic development
•Ã‚ Â Â  Project Registration, Credit and Label Issuance Supervision of Validation and Verification Practice


We are currently seeking a candidate with extensive experience in Applied Agricultural Science to join our Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), with specific focus on Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) and Land Use & Forests.

If you have at least 5-10 years experience in the field of Land Use, Forest Carbon and/or Climate Smart Agriculture and would like to be part of a dynamic technical body that provides expertise and advice to The Gold Standard, ensuring the credibility and environmental integrity of the standard and delivering a positive contribution to sustainable development, please refer to the Terms of Reference below for more details. Experience with Fairtrade Standards is an asset.

Please send your electronic application, including a CV to: Ayse Frey, Senior Technical Analyst –

Read more about the position here.