Technical Director, The Biodiversity Consultancy

TBC wishes to recruit an exceptional individual as a Technical Director to manage part of the TBC team. S/he will joi n the TBC management team (two other Technical Directors and the Company Director).

About The Biodiversity Consultancy (TBC)

We are a consultancy based in Cambridge (UK) specialising in biodiversity management. We provide technical expertise, policy advice and field capacity to the private, public and NGO I science sectors. The consultancy aims to deliver solutions to emerging biodiversity challenges such as No Net Loss I Net Positive Impact, IFC PS6, Critical Habitat, biodiversity offsets, biodiversity metrics and indicators, and ecological impact assessment. We develop corporate and government policy; we follow through to programme design and development on the ground; we design, develop and implement field programmes whilst building national capacity to run programmes we have initiated. The consultancy holds a niche within the rapidly growing field of business and biodiversity by providing analytical skills, networks and policy knowledge to levels not generally available within larger environmental consultancies. We exercise a due diligence process and only work with clients who demonstrate a real motivation for quality and leadership.

We specialise in the environmental lending criteria of the major international financial institutions/ development banks (such as IFC PS6, EBRD PR6; and Equator banks I EPFls), and have engaged significantly with the new 2012 IFC Performance Standard 6,an emerging business case for biodiversity management which drives increasing amounts of our technical and policy work at corporate and field levels. We have developed dedicated expertise in quantitative, clear metrics for biodiversity, and this core capacity lays a foundation for several emerging business needs including measurement of gain and loss of biodiversity in impact assessment (metrics and currencies), offset design and monitoring I evaluation protocols. Examples of our work can be found at TCB’s website.


You are an outstanding individual, able to take leadership decisions, with a strategic approach to designing and leading projects in diverse situations. You have excellent communication and writing skills: adept at crafting both journal-qual ity papers to simple summaries and sound-bites for government ministers and senior executives of some of the world’s largest corporations .You enjoy capacity building, training and working with multi-cultural teams.

You come with an established network, and enjoy building good relations with colleagues wo rking in nature conservation, extractive industries, multilateral and commercial banking, and environment ministries in the developing world. You are a savvy team player, with strong self­ motivation and rigour. You have a flair for strategic and creative thinking , technical analysis, and effective management of people and projects. We encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking at TBC.

Whilst keeping to core conservation values,you recognise the plurality of perspectives in today’s world and enjoy working through these in person and on pa per to find the solutions required in the increasingly menacing world of cross-sector working.

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