Uganda Country Director – UpEnergy

UpEnergy makes clean energy technologies available to people in the developing world. By creating partnerships with technology manufacturers, local distributors, and carbon project developers, UpEnergy creates carbon credits from the distribution of products like high efficiency cookstoves, water purification technologies and solar lights.

The founders of UpEnergy have an industry leading track record quantifying the greenhouse gas emission reductions created by these technologies and selling them to investors who pre-pay for portions of the credits. UpEnergy carbon credits are contracted in advance by credit-worthy buyers at predetermined prices in order to mitigate carbon market risk. UpEnergy earns revenues when carbon credits are created and delivered to these buyers.

UpEnergy currently has a pipeline of carbon-funded projects including a Voluntary Gold Standard (GS) wood cookstove project in Uganda and a CDM Program of Activities (PoA) of wood and charcoal cookstoves in Uganda.

In Uganda, UpEnergy has built a network of sales and distribution partners to support ongoing sales of wood cookstoves to underserved populations in peri-urban and rural areas. Our most significant collaboration to date has been with a local, for-profit entity known as Premier Green. UpEnergy continues to work with Premier Green to build a profitable warehousing, distribution and retailing franchise in Uganda.

UpEnergy is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

The Country Director Role:

UpEnergy seeks professionals interested in clean energy, international development, or international health to serve as our Country Director for our operations in Uganda. The role requires cultural sensitivity, entrepreneurial drive, strong sales and marketing ability, and analytical business thinking. An understanding of carbon markets is preferred. The Country Director will work directly with the UpEnergy COO as well as multi-national manufacturing and local distribution partners.

The Uganda Country Director will be responsible for working with UpEnergy’s manufacturing and distribution partners to advance a broad base of business and development initiatives related to expanding UpEnergy’s carbon-financed projects in Uganda as well as taking the lead on origination of projects in other African regions.

Essential Attributes:

  • Able to work in challenging developing country contexts
  • Possess an entrepreneurial mindset, creative, ambitious and able to take initiative
  • Passionate about UpEnergy’s mission, with basic knowledge of climate change, carbon markets, and international health and development
  • Supply chain experience preferred
  • Effective project management skills
  • Fluent English required, Lugandan / Swahili speaker preferable
  • Strong interpersonal/networking skills

Read more about the position here.