Washington D.C. Representative Global Warming and Energy Program, Sierra Club

Reports to: Global Warming and Energy Team Leader

Supervises: Conservation Financial Analyst and Conservation Operations Administrative Coordinator

Context: Plans, organizes and coordinates the activities of staff and volunteers in carrying out all aspects of assigned campaigns and legislative programs within a major national legislative program. The Global Warming and Energy program addresses a range of issues relating to Global Warming; renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Scope: The Washington D.C. Representative has program responsibility and participates in the development of strategies and priorities for specific legislative programs or campaigns. Produces educational materials and reports, does research, testifies, lobbies and serves as a technical resource. Represents the Sierra Club to government officials, the media and other organizations. Takes appropriate action to ensure that program goals and objectives are met.

Job Activities:

- Develops and conducts programs or campaigns within a major national legislative program. Works with national staff and volunteers to develop and carry out the programs/campaign plans.

- Conducts media outreach activities related to the Global Warming and Energy program, including developing media outreach plans, serving as Sierra Club spokesperson to media outlets, and promotes volunteer media exposure.

- Develops educational and campaign issues information. This may include the writing, editing and distribution of fact sheets, newsletters, political and educational materials. It may also include the writing, editing and reviewing of articles for conservation-related publications.

- Supports and provides professional expertise to staff and volunteers. Works to develop and insure that volunteers assume meaningful roles in the program/campaign. Provides conservation training to volunteers

- Represents the Sierra Club to the general public, media or to outside officials.

- Lobbies members of Congress and other national officials on behalf of the Club on issues relevant to the assigned program area. Develops relationships with elected public officials and their staffs. Develops and conducts lobby campaigns associated with the assigned national program.

- Performs miscellaneous duties as directed.

Knowledge and Skills:

- B.A./B.S. degree in Environmental Studies, Political Science, or a closely related field.

- 3 – 5 years experience as a Washington D.C. representative, or in a comparable position in another organization which includes substantial experience planning and conducting a national level legislative campaign, including strategy, organizing, lobbying, media, and work with senior level political leaders.

- Excellent knowledge and background in the specific program field.

- Excellent demonstrated written and oral communication skills. Demonstrated public speaking and media presentation ability.

- Experience, demonstrated skill and ability, in media relations. Includes effective television and radio presence, knowledge of media technologies including video, radio and print production processes.

- Prior experience and demonstrated ability and effectiveness working with volunteers.

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