World Resources Institute: Research Analyst (2)

The World Resources Institute (WRI) seeks a results-oriented individual with a master’s degree, experiences with corporate sustainability, and exposure to ecosystem services for a full-time position. The Research Analyst will provide analytical, research, writing, communication, and organizational support to WRI’s Business & Ecosystems Project in their efforts to mainstream ecosystem service-based strategies in the private sector (

A key conclusion of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment was that the earth’s wetlands, forests, coral reef and other ecosystems have been degraded. And, left unchecked, they will become worse over the next 50 years. Because businesses both depend on and impact the ecosystem services these areas provide—forests provide timber, freshwater, natural hazard regulation and a host of other services—this degradation has direct relevance to corporate performance. However, most companies fail to make the connection between healthy ecosystems and their bottom lines.

The Corporate Ecosystem Services Review (ESR) is a systematic methodology that helps managers develop strategies to manage their risks and opportunities arising their company’s dependencies and impacts on ecosystems. Since its launch is March, 2008, the Review has been used by an estimated 150-300 Fortune 500-caliber companies. All note the ESR’s ability to uncover new risks and opportunities. Over the next 18 months, the Research Analyst will assist the Business & Ecosystems Project:

    * Promote the methodology globally
    * Conduct Reviews in the utility, agriculture, and forestry sectors
    * Train environmental consultants on the methodology
    * Develop guidelines for integrating the ESR with corporate decision making tools and systems
    * Develop new improved methodologies, systems, and guidelines
    * Implement projects with corporate, government, and civil society partners
    * Analyze policies that align corporate performance with ecosystem stewardship
    * Write papers, briefs, and case studies on the utility and application of ecosystem services to corporate decision making

Send resume or CV and cover letter to:

Suzanne Ozment
Program Coordinator

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