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Last year, voluntary carbon offset buyers threw their collective weight behind climate-led development. With many of these buyers driven to altruistically “combat climate change through their purchases, 2013 saw a record volume of offsets transacted from projects that deliver climate and community-facing outcomes (“cobenefi ts) in developing countries. KEY REPORT FINDINGS Across all years of […]

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Ahead of the Curve

Companies, governments, and individuals voluntarily spent just under $4.5 billion on conservation and clean energy over the past decade by purchasing nearly 1 billion carbon offsets, finds a new report released on the sidelines of this week’s international climate talks in Bonn, Germany. The Forest Trends Ecosystem Marketplace report, Ahead of the Curve: State of […]


Full Circle: REDD and Indigenous People

Indigenous people have managed their land sustainably for hundreds of years. They have, as a result, contributed the least to climate change and have even prevented large amounts of carbon from being released into the atmosphere through forest clearing and degradation. However, unless something changes soon, they will suffer the most from its consequences. If […]

Forest Trends – Building Forest Carbon Projects (Step-by-Step Overview and Guide)

Forest projects around the world are working to confront the practical challenges of reducing emissions and providing local benefits. To facilitate the development of forest projects, we have compiled strategic step-by–step guidance to emerging best practices. Drawing on the experience of the Katoomba Incubator, this series of documents helps project developers understand key technical, social, […]


State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2011

For five years, Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace and Bloomberg New Energy Finance have published the State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets Reports to shed light on trading volumes, credit prices, project types, locations, and the motivations of buyers in this market. Every year’s marketplace seems more complex than the one before, as actors continually refine […]

Measuring Carbon Stocks Across Land Use Systems: A Manual

This Manual is an update from the 2001 “Alternatives to Slash and Burn” lecture notes. The current version of this Manual represents the next step in a process that started in the early 1990s when the Alternative to Slash and Burn (ASB) program started efforts to collect consistent data across the humid tropics (Palm et al., […]


Integrated Solutions

The use of markets and market-based mechanisms to conserve and pay for ecosystem services is a growing global trend that is gaining a solid foothold not just in the carbon markets, but also in biodiversity and water markets. Furthermore, these payments for ecosystem services (PES) are a practice that is no longer solely important to […]


Beyond Carbon: Biodiversity and Water Markets

It is widely acknowledged that well-functioning ecosystems provide reliable and clean flows of water, productive soils, healthy and balanced biota, and many other services for human well-being. It is also widely documented that today many ecosystems and the services they provide are under threat. The use of markets and market-based mechanisms to conserve and pay […]


Além do Carbono: Mercados de Água e Biodiversidade

Este livro pretende servir de contexto e apresentar um hist’orico para a confer^encia Katoomba: “Evitando o Desmatamento na Amaz^onia por meio de Mercados de PSE”, realizada em Mato Grosso, Brasil em 2009. A confer^encia ‘e a d’ecima quarta de uma s’erie de confer^encias Katoomba planejadas para incentivar e fortalecer os mercados ambientais no mundo todo.


Forests: Taking Root in the Voluntary Carbon Markets

This publication is designed to introduce practitioners to the carbon markets, in particular the voluntary markets, and the current climate for reforestation, afforestation and REDD projects generating carbon credits. It is a collection of articles and one book chapter commissioned by the Ecosystem Marketplace. The articles were compiled to serve as context and provide background […]


Forging a New Frontier: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2008

OTC volume of voluntary emission offsets nearly tripled in 2007, and Ecosystem Marketplace has once again teamed up with New Carbon Finance to crunch and analyze this fascinating market. The full report is now available for download. Subtitled “Forging the Frontier” to highlight the emergence of more than twenty independent standards for verifying and validating […]


The Matrix: Mapping Ecosystem Service Markets

The once-radical concept of saving the environment by documenting the economic value of environmental services and then getting industry to pay is finally catching on – but how is one to keep track of all the new methodologies and concepts? The Ecosystem Marketplace presents The Matrix, a new tool for surveying the ecosystem services landscape. […]

Why Invest in Ecosystem Services: A Business Brief from Forest Trends

Growing recognition of the value of ecosystem services creates strategic risks and opportunities for companies. Forest Trends' "Why Invest in Ecosystem Services: A Business Brief from Forest Trends" provides a short overview of these emerging issues, and discusses how investments in ecosystem services can be used as a management tool and can create an array […]


Picking up Steam: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2007

The ‘State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2007: Picking Up Steam’ is a comprehensive quantitative assessment of the voluntary carbon market with information on prices and volumes traded, as well as an analysis of current trends and buyer motivations. The report includes data gathered from both buyers and sellers and offers a detailed summary of […]


Voluntary Carbon Markets:

Designed to support the growth of the voluntary carbon market, this book, Voluntary Carbon Markets, offers a much-needed resource for investors, business executives, consumers, and others, explaining in detail how this market works, its potential for growth, and how to get involved. “The Voluntary Carbon Market describes a remarkable area of innovation in the fight […]


A Tale of Two Continents: Ecosystem Services in Latin America and East and Southern Africa

For the past two years, the Ecosystem Marketplace has been delivering the latest information about market mechanisms and payments for ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, water quality, and biodiversity. To get a better sense of how the concepts of environmental markets, market-like mechanisms and payments for ecosystem services are likely to impact communities in […]


Offsetting Emissions: A Business Brief on the Voluntary Carbon Market

This business brief is intended for companies considering the purchase of voluntary offsets for their greenhouse gas emissions. It offers clear steps that guide early assessments and enable corporate decision makers to become educated consumers within voluntary carbon markets.

Handbook for the Design of Payment for Hydrological Services Mechanisms

This handbook outlines how to make a quick diagnostic of the potential for PES in the region, the guide lines to design the mechanism, the implementation process of the program, and the mechanisms to monitor the compromises acquired. The handbook also defines the criteria to evaluate the program and implement a process of permanent improvement, […]