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Covering New Ground: State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2013 Report

In its fourth year of publication, the State of the Forest Carbon Markets report series offers an un-paralleled, comprehensive view of the financial and technical landscape of the market for forest carbon offsets. Covering New Ground: State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2013, produced and launched by Forest Trendsʼ Ecosystem Marketplace, offers the latest findings […]

Measuring Carbon Stocks Across Land Use Systems: A Manual

This Manual is an update from the 2001 “Alternatives to Slash and Burn” lecture notes. The current version of this Manual represents the next step in a process that started in the early 1990s when the Alternative to Slash and Burn (ASB) program started efforts to collect consistent data across the humid tropics (Palm et al., […]


The REDD Opportunities Scoping Exercise for Ghana

The Ghana REDD Opportunities Scoping Exerceis was one of three ROSE country case studies conducted in 2009. It has provided the Katoomba Incubator with a solid basis for strategic engagement with REDD+ in Ghana, both at the project or sub-national level, and at the national or policy level. The ROSE study consisted of two main […]


Beyond Carbon: Biodiversity and Water Markets

It is widely acknowledged that well-functioning ecosystems provide reliable and clean flows of water, productive soils, healthy and balanced biota, and many other services for human well-being. It is also widely documented that today many ecosystems and the services they provide are under threat. The use of markets and market-based mechanisms to conserve and pay […]


Além do Carbono: Mercados de Água e Biodiversidade

Este livro pretende servir de contexto e apresentar um hist’orico para a confer^encia Katoomba: “Evitando o Desmatamento na Amaz^onia por meio de Mercados de PSE”, realizada em Mato Grosso, Brasil em 2009. A confer^encia ‘e a d’ecima quarta de uma s’erie de confer^encias Katoomba planejadas para incentivar e fortalecer os mercados ambientais no mundo todo.


Forests: Taking Root in the Voluntary Carbon Markets

This publication is designed to introduce practitioners to the carbon markets, in particular the voluntary markets, and the current climate for reforestation, afforestation and REDD projects generating carbon credits. It is a collection of articles and one book chapter commissioned by the Ecosystem Marketplace. The articles were compiled to serve as context and provide background […]


Diving into Water Markets

The use of markets and market-based mechanisms to conserve and pay for ecosystem services is a growing global trend that has gained a solid foothold through both the regulated and voluntary carbon markets and is rapidly gaining traction in the water markets. Furthermore, it is a trend that is no longer solely important to environmentalists […]


Conservation & Biodiversity Banking

Conservation and Biodiversity Banking is the first comprehensive book on species mitigation banking. It provides practical guidance, tools, case studies, analysis, and insights into endangered species banking in the United States and abroad, and serves a handbook for a broad audience including private landowners, complying industries, regulating agencies, policy makers, bank developers, and interested general […]


Forging a New Frontier: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2008

OTC volume of voluntary emission offsets nearly tripled in 2007, and Ecosystem Marketplace has once again teamed up with New Carbon Finance to crunch and analyze this fascinating market. The full report is now available for download. Subtitled “Forging the Frontier” to highlight the emergence of more than twenty independent standards for verifying and validating […]


The Matrix: Mapping Ecosystem Service Markets

The once-radical concept of saving the environment by documenting the economic value of environmental services and then getting industry to pay is finally catching on – but how is one to keep track of all the new methodologies and concepts? The Ecosystem Marketplace presents The Matrix, a new tool for surveying the ecosystem services landscape. […]

Guidebook to Markets and Commercialization of Forestry CDM projects'

Given the little experience gained on trading CERs from forestry projects, this guide aims at providing information to project developers about markets and commercialization of CERs from forestry projects. The guide takes the reader through the development stages of a CDM forestry project; the specific characteristics of forestry CERs and the demand for this type […]


Picking up Steam: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2007

The ‘State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2007: Picking Up Steam’ is a comprehensive quantitative assessment of the voluntary carbon market with information on prices and volumes traded, as well as an analysis of current trends and buyer motivations. The report includes data gathered from both buyers and sellers and offers a detailed summary of […]


Banking on Conservation 2007: Species and Wetland Mitigation Banking

Here at the Ecosystem Marketplace, we have been covering the twists, turns and straight-aways of the mitigation/conservation banking industry in 2007. As mitigation banking continues to grow and diversify, we think it is a good time to highlight some of the intelligence we have amassed over the year. In the following pages, we provide a […]


Voluntary Carbon Markets:

Designed to support the growth of the voluntary carbon market, this book, Voluntary Carbon Markets, offers a much-needed resource for investors, business executives, consumers, and others, explaining in detail how this market works, its potential for growth, and how to get involved. “The Voluntary Carbon Market describes a remarkable area of innovation in the fight […]

Getting Paid for Stewardship: An Agricultural Community Water Quality Trading Guide

The reduction in pollution that a producer generates by implementing conservation practices can be “traded” with an industrial or municipal facility that is required by law to reduce the amount of pollution in its wastewater. The best part: the producer will get paid for the trade. CTIC, under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental […]


Katoomba News v1.4

This daily conference newsletter was produced to provide participants with feature articles on relevant issuses and to provide summary and insight on the previous day’s sessions.


Katoomba News v1.3

This daily conference newsletter was produced to provide participants with feature articles on relevant issuses and to provide summary and insight on the previous day’s sessions.